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Great office pranks happen everywhere, not only at Start-Ups

Sep 18, 2014 / by StackAdapt

For the past 20 years some of the most progressive companies have been changing the definition of what workplaces can and should be like. The burst of start-ups in the 90’s has significantly helped change workplace and office culture.

Starting with staples and tin foil, office pranks now involve wireless devices, conference calls and even remote access software.

Here we go!

1. Fake a Desktop with Screenshot Wallpaper

Computers and laptops have been around for long enough to see the rise of computer friendly homo sapiens. Yet, every now and then even the best of us surrender to minor computer bugs. Imagine how easy it is to freak out your co-worker by faking out their Windows desktop.

  • Screenshot their current desktop.
  • Set it up as the desktop wallpaper.
  • Hide/delete actual taskbar and desktop icons. See what happens when the person returns!

2. Keys to frustration (plant a garden in a keyboard)


3. No matter how silly something might be, there is always someone who will fall for it. Create fake instructions and post them on the shared printer

4. Oldie but Goldie : Air Horn Chair

Air Horns were born for office pranks:

5. Wireless Mouse Attack

In an age where most people have wireless mice, they become easy targets!
Plug your mouse receiver into one of their USB ports and do some damage!

6. Retargeting Pixel

Those who work in digital media know that if you are really persistent in retargeting someone, you will be able to make a banner appear for them each page they visit.

Set up a fake sale listing for your target's car/house and wait until they see it!
This will cost you some money, but surely the $5-10 are well spent.

7. Out of prank ideas? Wrap everything in tin foil!


8. Alternating food (make sure not to poison anyone!)

Here we have different variations of what can be done: mayonnaise-filled donuts, toothpaste filled Oreos, caramel onions, ice-cream out of mashed potatoes.


9. Sometimes all we need is to have something brighten up our day. Balloons work most of the time!


10. Which Key?

Add a bunch of random keys to any key ring in the office – confusion guaranteed!



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