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The Future of Personalization in Digital Marketing [Video]

Aug 17, 2017 / by Maggie Clapperton


In this new video, StackAdapt Co-Founder, Vitaly Pecherskiy (COO), speaks to the future of personalization in digital marketing -- more specifically, the true meaning of personalization in a data-driven economy. 




According to Pecherskiy, digital's main benefit is, of course, accountability:


"These new channels are being called performance advertising channels or direct response advertising channels or digital channels. All these channels, by default, are tied to ROI. So, as a result, we have the old school channels that all of a sudden now are called traditional advertising channels -- they weren’t called traditional advertising channels twenty years ago. They’re called traditional now because of how non-accountable they are." 


And while he believes there is a place for traditional mediums in the advertising world, the future rests in generating trackable results and customized buyer journeys through data: 


"There is a place for traditional advertising in the marketing mix. I mean, we are a digital advertising company and we have billboards. But, I think data is the default of how things will be done in the future." 


According to eMarketer, personalization through technology is still on most executives to-do lists. Personalized marketing is a present or upcoming action item for over 60% of marketers world wide: 




 But what exactly do we mean when we talk about "personalization?" Pecherskiy clarifies: 


"We mine online data to understand the behavioural patterns of consumers to identify their intent to buy a very specific product. Then we are able to match them to a creative that specifically talks to them and then ultimately, we want to evolve to a point where the entire experience from discovery of audience to the ads that they interact with to the products that they navigate to after the click, becomes one seamless journey." 


This aspirational seamlessness is what will make a customized buyer journey so important: 


So, I think the future lays in personalization of not just the content but of the entire buying journey: From the very first point of interest of the consumer all the way down to purchase, referral, and loyalty." 


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Written by Maggie Clapperton

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