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Digital Marketing Showdown: Native Ads vs. Banner Ads

Sep 09, 2015 / by Maggie Clapperton


For many brands, the term “online advertising” is synonymous with banner ads and pay per click (PPC) campaigns. And historically, this approach has been met with great success—until now, that is.

It has become clear that banner ads alone are not enough to drive customer acquisition. The digital advertising industry has been quick to demonize banners as ineffective, but we’ve come to realize that this is a mistake. Standard display advertising can be an important part of your digital strategy, just not in the way you’ve traditionally thought.  


So, let’s re-think the banner ads vs. native advertising dichotomy and take a more realistic approach.


Native advertising has a lot going for it: exponentially higher click through rates, the opportunity to amplify content, and with it, the potential to engage your audience on an entertaining or educational level.


But we no longer live in a world where one channel trumps another. A strong programmatic strategy leverages the strengths of all available channels and allows them to play off one another to drive performance for your brand. (Ideally, you can access all of these channels from a singular platform.)


This is where standard display can now join the party.


Programmatic campaigns work best when you reach consumers at multiple touch points. For example, because of the high click through rates, you may gather audience data using a native advertisement. Once you’ve gathered a strong pool of users, you can retarget that audience using standard display. According to HubSpot, users who are retargeted are 70% more likely to convert, meaning your display dollars are now working in collaboration with your native and video dollars to achieve objectives that no singular ad could reach on its own. 


In our overloaded digital world, no single advertisement can take on the load of customer acquisition alone. It is important to use a combination of various targeting options, ad types, and retargeting capabilities to achieve what your brand considers a “win”.


Native and video advertisements drive engagement, standard display ads drive awareness, and retargeting drives conversions. A well thought out and well maintained strategy utilizes all of these in an omnichannel approach that results in performance. 


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Written by Maggie Clapperton

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