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Are you meant to be working at a Startup?

Oct 10, 2014 / by Ildar Shar

Do these 8 words describe you?

The difference between a startup’s environment and that of its corporate counterpart is staggeringly different, below is a quick quiz, if you like these words and feel they describe you, then you're probably meant to be in a startup.


If you like to take ownership of your work and to see how your initiative and effort affects the team around you, the product you are working on, and the company’s bottom line then you’d probably best suited for a startup.
If you shy away from the responsibility, like a safety net and are risk-averse in nature, then you’d be happier in a structured corporate environment.


Startup cultureIn a growing startup, tasks that were previously unassigned to specific roles are bound to pop-up, if you like to step up and start working on new things (fail or succeed), be able to handle a growing list of to-do’s and jump at the chance to grow and learn new abilities everyday, you should consider working for a startup.



There are no set guidelines and job descriptions are not written in stone. In startups, people are meant to wear many different hats and no two days are exactly alike.


Startup cultureStartups are more often than not, created and run by innovators. Most startups are not created to follow a pattern, but rather to disrupt the status quo and “shake things up”. Being surrounded by innovators can help you grow creatively and professionally.


For both the good and the bad. Without a safety net, and with the aforementioned responsibility that comes with working at startups, your work will be recognized, you will get the praise for good work, and your mistakes will be apparent as well. It is important to understand that everyone makes mistakes, you need to learn to learn from mistakes to make them worthwhile.


Tech Startup culture often falls between reality and this…

While each venture is inherently different in culture depending on the makeup of the people that shape it, their professional backgrounds and the type of work, there are a few common traits found in small teams with a lot to do/prove.


If the venture you are a part of is growing, your professional life is growing with it.
Keep in mind, even with a promising venture that ultimately fails, you are bound to achieve personal growth, from the lessons you learn to the way you handle situations. Professionally, future teams you join should appreciate those lessons and their influence on you.


Startup cultureIf you are not going to be passionate about what you do, a startup will not suit you well.
In an environment where you are close to the product and to everyone involved, be it bolleagues, founders, clients or investors. You have to be ready to surrounded by the passion for a common goal and success, and be willing to adopt the enthusiasm yourself.

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