Our Senior RTB Campaign Manager, Dordzhaka Ednyashev, reflects on his first 6 months working at a startup

Having never worked in a Startup before, I must say, it’s been a great experience!

Being a part of a team that grew from 4 people working above a coffee shop into a company of 17 (and counting!) with offices in Toronto, New York and London - I’m not even sure what I can compare this experience with.

Now that I’m nearing my half-year at StackAdapt, this makes me one of company’s veterans (ha!). During this time span, I learned some things about working in a startup that contrasts to my previous work experience.

Working at Toronto's StackAdapt

We have 1 common goal, only 1 goal.

Our goal is to improve web advertising
Every single task, project, idea in the company is helping us to move towards achieving the goal. We believe that this helps the pursuit of making the Internet a better place.

Our goal must be valuable, so people find benefits in using our product and make the best of it.

If we are not providing the best product, with cutting-edge technology and excellent service to go with it, then we are not satisfied and StackAdapt can’t sustain itself.

Things change quickly - every week, every day.
Startups Toronto

It is amazing to see how fast feedback you receive at this day and age.
As an example, In the morning, I might get an email from a client who is wondering whether a certain functionality is available on our platform. Right before you head out for lunch, you sit down with members of the tech team explaining what the client wants and asking whether we can have it in near future. 4 hours later, you find out that the function has been created, tested and already implemented on the platform. Nowhere else you can see it happen other than a tech startup.

You witness direct impact of your every action.

Working in a team of less than 20 people, almost every step you take has an impact on the company’s performance. At a startup, you learn that you have to wear many hats, take charge of many things, learn along the way and do whatever it takes to deliver beyond expectations, additionally, with this type of responsibility you are excited about the work, and you are ultimately more invested in the company’s vision and execution of its plans

You are truly involved in cross-functional environment

Forget about departments, as opposed to a segmented and divided environment, you are involved in the generation of new ideas beyond what you have been assigned to do. This breeds an environment of collaboration, innovation and one that encourages great and new ideas.

Professional satisfaction
Startups TorontoThere is no safety net or air cover, if you don’t do something you are supposed to do nothing gets done. Hence, there might be blurred lines between working hours in the office and outside, yet ultimately, if you are a go-getter, you get more satisfaction than anywhere else.