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1 of Us Can Defeat 10 of Them

Nov 07, 2014 / by Ildar Shar

In a Pulse post originally published on Linkedin, our CEO Ildar Shar reflects on hiring, growing and evaluating employees at a Startup. Original post here

That's not my quote. I stumbled upon it few weeks ago and it belongs to Jack Ma, founder of Alibaba Group.

Jack Ma seemed to live by this quote when he was building Alibaba from the ground up. Maybe that explains why the market cap of Alibaba is twice as high as Amazon's (as of this writing), with 22,000 employees in Alibaba vs 117,000 in Amazon. And that's considering that Alibaba was founded 5 years later than Amazon. This ratio of 1:10 seems to make perfect sense here.

Same applies to a huge number of other game-changing companies that are doingMore with Less:

- WhatsApp - founders build a messaging platform used by more than 600 million users worldwide with only 55 employees. The company was acquired by Facebook for $19 Billion.

- Facebook itself has a market cap of more than $200 B, with only 8,300 employees. Compare that with Yahoo: $47 B and 12,000 employees.

The list can go on and on.


This quote resonated deeply with me, because that's exactly how we hire and evaluate employee performance at StackAdapt. There is simply no other way. All the odds are against you when you start a company. Only with the best of the best - you have a chance of making it.

That's why we hire people that go beyond just job descriptions. We hire people that don't need job descriptions. We hire A-players, with the capital A.

Once Great people understand their roles - they make it happen, and don't look for excuses.

I'm proud of our team now!

One of us can defeat 10 of them.

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